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Owner / Lead Mechanic

Steve Smith can best be described as a hard working, family man, who prides himself on honesty and fairness. Steve was raised in Rome and has lived here ever since his youth. A true pillar of his community, Steve has spent many of his days off playing music and supporting local businesses in the name of seeing the community grow. Steve is also a motorcycle enthusiast and enjoys spending time on the open road riding along side friends and family. 

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Albert Simpson, an Army Vet turned mechanic, is best described as motivated, self-driven, and knowledgable. His career as a mechanic can only be overshadowed by his time spent in the Army as an Airborne Infantryman. In his 10 years as a mechanic, Albert, has earned his ASE Certification as well as many awards with his time working for various Automotive manufacturers. Albert, a family man himself, enjoys spending time with his daughter as well as riding on his motorcycle.

If anything can be said about the team at Smith's Auto Repair, it's that they are hard working, dependable mechanics who take pride in their work and have built a reputation for just that. But, don't just take our word for it! Come see for yourself, how Smith's Auto Repair can give you peace of mind when you and your family travel for any reason, any season. And remember, only at Smith's Auto Repair will you get "Dealership Quality at an Independent Price"!

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