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Steve Smith has worked for numerous prestegious automotive service centers in his career. None of them were a place where he could feel complete however. That's what led him to go into business for himself. Steve didn't wait to get going with Smith's Auto Repair. The first 8 months of being in business, he serviced vehicles using only a jack, some wrenches, and knowledge, his driveway serving as the foundation for where he'd build his business.


Steve's perserverance pays off. He's finally getting established, moved into what everyone would come to refer to as the "little red garage". Though it wasn't much, it was still far better than turning wrenches in his driveway while rain beat down on him. Steve was able to get social media, a storefront, and marketing all under control and business was taking off. So much so, infact, that he needed help. Technicians come and go, but when Albert joined the team, it was a true fit. Together, Steve and Albert have built Smith's Auto Repair into what it is today.

"Dealership quality at an independent price!"


Now, thanks to all of our friendly and loyal customers, we are able to expand into a new location that will give us plently of room to be able to service an even wider array of vehicles to ensure you and your family can drive with peace of mind. We are looking forward to the future, and many, many more years of providing all of you "Dealership Quality at an Independent Price"!

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