Established in 2018, Steve Smith founded Smith's Auto Repair with the goal to bring Dealership Quality repairs to the community at a more affordable price. At Smith's Auto Repair, we believe in making lasting relationships with our customers. Being from a small town has the advantage that we get to know all of our customers by name. Afterall, at Smith's Auto Repair, you're not just a customer. You're family.

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We believe that peace of mind doesn't just stop at knowing your car is safe. Peace of mind also means knowing that you didn't over pay for your service. Our slogan of "Dealership Quality at an Independent Price" is our way of letting you know that at Smith's Auto Repair, we care about your well being in more ways than one!

Not only does peace of mind mean knowing your vehicle is in good hands, and, that you aren't being cheated out of your hard earned money. It also means knowing that the service you need, isn't going to be a hassle! At Smith's Auto Repair, we do something that is almost completely unheard of! We will come pick your car up for you! Home, School, Work, doesn't matter! At Smith's Auto Repair, you can rest assured knowing that we handle ALL the work for you!

The biggest reason we do what we do? It's simple. You! It's our amazing and friendly customers! Without all of your support and friendship through out the years, we wouldn't be able to continue doing what we love! In the past year alone, we've had to expand our space in order to accomodate you better! So, with all of our hearts to yours, Thank you! Thank you for being there for us, so that we can be there for you!

Join the growing list of satisfied customers! You can request a free quote or simply send us a message letting us know how we're doing! We love hearing from all of our customers!

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All Makes and Models

Worried that your vehicle may be too old or too difficult to find parts? Not to worry! At Smith's Auto Repair, we will work on any make or model vehicle! Not just cars, trucks and motorcycles also! at Smith's Auto Repair, we aim to be your one stop Automotive Shop!

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Safety is Our Priority

At Smith's Auto Repair, we have been effected by Covid-19 Just like everyone else. That's why we've taken steps to ensure your peace of mind even more! We make sure to disinfect after every vehicle maintenance as well as washing hands at regular intervals. Even as this may seem contradictory as mechanics, our customers peace of mind is worth it.

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